Everything you need to Build a Successful Trading Strategy, without programming!


NinjaTrader Wizard integration to create any entry signal using complex conditions, custom indicators and advanced rules!

ChartTrader PRO

Completely rebuilt NinjaTrader Chart Trader, integrating many new features through the execution panel and chart order lines.

ATM Builder

Using the unique visual technology almost any trade management strategy can be easily built, without any programming knowlegde.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, AlgoTrader guarantees all necessary Trading Tools, which help you use the Manual Trading with Automated Strategies. Best of All: You don't need any Programming Knowledge!

Lorant Vari - Founder, CEO

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– NinjaTrader 7 Add-On –

ChartTrader PRO

Execute orders with completely rebuilt visual trading interface!

Using the new panel you can easily create and execute entry strategies, modify multiple level StopLoss orders or reverse positions even with full brackets. The modular programming structure allows to unlimitedly extend the Core software with automated execution or management modules.

One-Click Orders

Place market and limit orders with lightning fast execution on bid or ask price.

ATM Strategy

Attach your automated trade management strategy even to an open “naked” position.

Pending Orders

Place a pending order to a specified price using quick predefined offset values.

Quick Manager

Monitor your profit and loss, close or cancel any order with one single click.

OCO Strategies

Execute any type of OCO Strategy without additional and unnecessary settings.

Realtime Risk Reward

Visualize your Risk and Reward values based on working StopLoss and Takeprofit orders.

Quick Quantity

Set your own mostly used quick quantity values and cut your execution time.

Connection Manager

Monitor your datafeed connection status directly from chart trading interface.

NEW Order Lines

Create StopLoss and TakeProfit orders directly from chart!

You don’t need to create predefined ATM templates, StopLoss and TakeProfit offsets, or to open any popup window to manage your Risk Reward in realtime. Just click and drag to where you want your stop loss or take profit placed – a second line will appear to show where your orders will be placed – independent from each other, even if position already exist.

Create StopLoss

Create StopLoss orders directly from chart using Drag n Drop function.

Manage Orders

Close, cancel or modify any order from chart without affecting the automated workflow.

Create TakeProfit

Create TakeProfit orders separated from SL, using Drag n Drop function.

Context Menu

Create pending orders using the built-in intelligence of right click context menu.

Split Brackets

Split StopLoss or Profit orders creating new bracket levels for open position.

Merge, Unmerge

Move any type of order to the same price without losing their full dragging control.

Profit and Loss

Visualize your profit and loss for every order separately directly from chart interface.

Order Distance

Control your pending order distance from the last price using the offset monitor.

ATM Strategy Builder

Attach pre-defined and fully automated StopLoss / TakeProfit management strategy to Position!

The ATM Strategy Builder panel allows you to create your own automated StopLoss and TakeProfit management template based on advanced methods, parameter types. Using the Auto Trail module you can also create rules for future StopLosses or start trailing after a position was opened, using any of +30 built-in indicators.

ATM Templates

Create any trade management rules and combinations, save them as strategy templates.

Auto BreakEven

Move all StopLoss orders to BreakEven (+- offset) using a predefined profit trigger.

Position Sizing

Set the order quantity manually or using advanced position sizing algorithms.

Auto Trailing Stop

Create trailing rules using advanced methods and start it on the fly.

Advanced Parameters

Select any of 5 Parameter types to create multi level of advanced ATM Strategy.

+30 Indicators

Select any of +30 NinjaTrader system indicators in order to create trailing stop rules.

Up to 5 SL, TP Levels

Attach to new or even an open Position up to 5 Levels of Bracket orders.

Realtime Modification

Change the trigger condition, trailing stop method on the fly, even if the Position is open.

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AlgoTrader is a Certified NinjaTrader™ Partner. – 2014.08.13, Denver

We are very proud to be the 1st hungarian and romanian developers of the professional trading community.


I have been using NinjaTrader for for years. I was happy to discover the transparency of the AlgoTrader add-on. I fastly understood it and learned its usage. I trade much easier now.

Levente Simon - Entrepreneur

I am a discretionary futures trader for over 10 years. The AlgoTrader is the best order entry- and management tool for ninjatrader i have ever worked with. I like the visual approach very much. It is a pleasure to work with and i can highly recommend to give it a try!

Stefan Wyss - CEO Fidco Management AG

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– No credit card required, NT 7 Add-On –

Why AlgoTrader?

We create values. The key of our success is strictly following these values in order to satisfy our customers.

Join the global community of our happy customers and help us build an internationally unique trading products and services provider.

  1. 1

    Reliability and stability

    The developement philosophy of our team is to create an absolutely reliable and stable trading system. If any error in the functioning appears, we assure you to correct them without any delay.

  2. 2

    Flexibility in customization

    The AlgoTrader software was developed to be fully customizable depending on personal or institutional needs and requirements.

  3. 3

    Simplicity and ease of use

    Although our products are made to execute complicated functions, we make them absolutely easy to use for end users. Our mission is to deliver clear, intuitive and logical structure.

  4. 4
    Precision Engineered

    The most part of planning and developement was used for increasing the presicion and errorless functioning. The testing of user interface and order flow execution was engineerely precise.

  5. 5
    Thorough software testing

    Before releasing any software solution, version, we always thoroughly test it to make sure it is bug free.

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